Billy Wagner pieces together a no-no

With Mets’ fan/no hitter streak aficionado Dave Mackey noting yesterday that closer Billy Wagner has now notched 8 one-inning appearances without yielding a hit, Mets Walk-Offs has done some research and quantified some of these Mets mini no-nos.

If you go back to the end of last season – although most of us have vowed never to do that – Wagner actually has had nine straight hitless outings of at least an inning each. Wagner’s last 2007 appearance was during a 7-4 loss to the Marlins.

Check out his full post for more details, but Mets Walk-Offs has found that there have been 3,270 time that a Mets pitcher appeared in a game, threw at least an inning and finished with no hits allowed. Here’s his Top 5:

  • John Franco 238
  • Armando Benitez 160
  • Jesse Orosco 93
  • Turk Wendell 91
  • Aaron Heilman 73

He’s got an incredible number of additional mini no-no tidbits, so check out his full post.

It’s also important that Wagner has actually participated in a full-game no hitter during an Astros 8-0 victory over the New York Yankees on June 11, 2003. Here’s the crew that accomplished that one, with their innings in parentheses: Roy Oswalt (1), Peter Munro (2 2/3), Kirk Saarloos (1 1/3), Brad Lidge (2), Octavio Dotel (1) and Wagner (1)

Unfortunately, none of this changes the count.

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