Sanchez single in sloppy second bumps count to 7,346 games without a no hitter

Two Pittsburgh Pirates had already scored in the second inning when Freddy Sanchez singled to center Wednesday afternoon to drive the count up to 7,346 games without a no hitter.

The rather ugly second inning, which wound up sending starter Oliver Perez in for an early shower, ended with 7 runs, 3 hits, a mind-numbing 5 walks and 1 error. The game never got much better, as the Mets suffered a 13-1 loss in front of a Shea Stadium crowd that likely regretted their decisions to play hooky from work.

Our offense during the two-hit game was not much better, with Ryan Church getting the only RBI in the sixth by knocking in Carlos Beltran with a double.

Enough said about this one.

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