7,385: Watching a blown save via the Wrigley out-of-town scoreboard

Well, so much for a little momentum building leading up to my Friday night trek to Shea.

After starting the season with nine innings of perfection, Mets closer Billy Wagner blew another save attempt Thursday to waste a stellar performance by Johan Santana, who struck out 10 batters in seven innings while giving up no earned runs and just three hits and three walks.

I was following the Mets’ 5-4 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks Thursday via Wrigley Field’s out-of-town scoreboard, which looked perfect for the Mets up until reliever Joe Smith gave up a two-run-scoring triple in the eighth, followed by Wagner’s breakdown in the ninth.

Once I saw “13” under “RP” (relief pitcher), I assumed the game was in hand. You know what they say about assume.

Santana took his no hitter into the third inning, when Chris Young hit a two-out single to center to bump our NoNoHitters.com count up to 7,385 games without a no hitter.

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