Road Trip To Shea: Learning of Randolph’s firing in Canton, Ohio

After visiting family in New Jersey for a couple of days, our road trip to Shea needed a stopping point on the way back west. The National Baseball Hall of Fame would have been a perfect destination, but Cooperstown, N.Y.. was a bit far off our trip route so we switched sports gears and headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Canton was an odd setting to learn of Willie Randolph’s 3:15 a.m. firing, but with two of us wearing Mets T-shirts, we came across plenty of Mets fans who wanted to add their two cents to the managerial conversation. And much of the long return ride from Canton to South Dakota was spent listening to sports radio commentators and analysts describe the handling of the situation as “classless” and “unprofessional.”

I completely agree that the whole situation was handled like crap, but the bottom line is we’re 6 1/2 games back with plenty of time left in the season and I would like to win a pennant. Either remove “interim” from Jerry Manuel’s title or hire a permanent replacement and let’s get to work. With the way the Phillies have been playing, there’s no time to wait.

Anyway, back to Canton. The (football) Hall was well worth the trip. It features tons of helmets, balls, trophies and jerseys to peruse, and the museum has added a ton of interactive stations for the kids. The room featuring bronze busts of all of the inductees is amazing, and we spent nearly an hour in there alone.

Perhaps our next Mets trip to Citi Field will feature a side trip to Cooperstown so we can also take in some baseball history.

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