Mets no-hitter killer Kit Pellow shines south of the border

My Kit Pellow baseball cardIn a version of “Where are they now?” we get an update on Mets no-hitter killer Kit Pellow from fellow blogger Mets Walk-offs, who always provides great tidbits of knowledge.

Here’s why Pellow’s of interest here: The year was 2004, and a 38-year-old Tom Glavine took the ball for the Mets in a May 23 day game at Shea against the Colorado Rockies.

Glavine had a no-no in tact heading into the eighth inning, and fans at Shea were growing increasingly excited and tense as they now stood for every at-bat. After Glavine got Jeromy Burnitz to fly out to left and struck out Matt Holliday, up to the plate stepped Kit Pellow, a 30-year-old Kansas City native who broke into the Majors in 2002 with the Royals.

With the count 1-0 count, Glavine threw a changeup that Pellow knocked over the head of the Mets’ right-fielder Shane Spencer and into the wall for a double.

There went the no-hitter, and Glavine joined the list of Mets greats who have pitched one-hitters for the team. Mets 4, Rockies 0.

So, where is Pellow now?

He just finished tearing up the Mexican League by winning the league’s triple crown with a .385 average, 34 home runs and 107 RBIs. Pellow, now 34, is playing for Saraperos de Saltillo and known as “El Barba Roja” (Red Beard).

We congratulate Pellow and also offer him a bit of thanks. If it wasn’t for him, might not exist today – or, it would be a Web site run by a Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres or Tampa Bay Rays fan. So thanks Kit!

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