Our first off-season post

OK, now that a week has passed since the Marlins eliminated the Mets from the playoffs on the last day of the season (sound familiar?), I may be finally ready to write my first off-season post.

After all, there’s been a little bit of news out of the Mets camp. The team gave Manager Jerry Manuel a two-year contract and extended the contract of General Manager Omar Minaya. And the Mets have indicated they’ll pick up the $12 million option on Carlos Delgado’s contract for 2009 (that is of course good news).

I like Manuel and am looking to forward to see what he can do with this team, especially in light of his post-promotion comments on preaching team over the individual. That seems to be needed in the clubhouse, and I hope he works them hard in Spring Training.

But the pressure is really going to be on Minaya and Pitching Coach Dan Warthen. The Mets bullpen was horrible and will need to be completely overhauled – closer included. And outside of Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey and John Maine, who’s going to be starting games?

That perhaps is the most important question for our site as we are scheduled to hit the 7,500 game mark next season unless someone can step it up.

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