Happy 44th anniversary, Kroll and Richardson

My Gordon Richardson/Gary Kroll baseball cardsWhen your team goes 47 years without a single no-hitter, you have to celebrate the little things.

One of those moments happened 44 years ago today.

On March 21, 1965, Mets pitchers Gary Kroll and Gordy Richardson combined for a nine-inning no-hitter during a 6-0 spring training win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in St. Petersburg.

On March 21, 2009, John Maine gave up 5 runs on 6 hits in four innings worth of work as the Braves spanked the Mets 12-1. Maine’s spring ERA is 10.38. Ugh.

Well, a Spring Training no-hitter wouldn’t mean too much to us at this point, so we’ll hold out hope that Maine will pull it all together before the season opener and notch a Citi Field no-no for us in 2009.

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