Mets’ catchers behind the plate for no-nos

Ramon CastroWith former Met Ramon Castro catching Mark Buehrle’s perfect game Thursday night, we thought we’d give some kudos to the other end of the no-hitter batteries.

Thanks to some research help from our friends at Mets Walk-Offs and Minutiae on the Encyclopedia of Baseball Catchers site, here’s a list of catchers who have played for the Mets and took part in a no-hitter. There were 12 catchers behind the plate for 15 no-hitters.

Castro and Yogi Berra are the only players to wear a Mets uniform and catch perfect games. We’ve also had four all-Mets batteries: Dock Ellis-Jerry May, John Candelaria-Duffy Dyer, Bret Saberhagen-Brent Mayne and Hideo Nomo-Mike Piazza.

Berra and Jeff Torborg are the only Mets managers to catch no-nos, and Tim McCarver (2) and Fran Healy (1) are the only ex-Mets broadcasters behind the plate for hitless games.

Yogi Berra, 3

Allie Reynolds July 12, 1951 AL New York Yankees 1 Cleveland Indians 0
Allie Reynolds Sept. 28, 1951 (1) AL New York Yankees 8 Boston Red Sox 0
Don Larsen Oct. 8, 1956 WS New York Yankees 2 Brooklyn Dodgers 0 Perfect game in World Series Game 5

Joe Ginsberg

Virgil Trucks May 15, 1952 AL Detroit Tigers 1 Washington Senators 0

Jerry Grote

Ken Johnson April 23, 1964 NL Houston Colt .45s 0 Cincinnati Reds 1 Johnson becomes the only pitcher to lose a complete-game no hitter in nine innings.

J.C. Martin

Joel Horlen Sept. 10, 1967 (1) AL Chicago White Sox 6 Detroit Tigers 0

Jerry May

Dock Ellis June 12, 1970 (1) NL Pittsburgh Pirates 2 San Diego Padres 0 All-Mets battery. Ellis was tripping on LSD when he pitched this no hitter.

Duffy Dyer

John Candelaria Aug. 9, 1976 NL Pittsburgh Pirates 2 Los Angeles Dodgers 0 All-Mets battery.

Gary Carter

Charlie Lea May 10, 1981 (2) NL Montreal Expos 4 San Francisco Giants 0

Brent Mayne

Bret Saberhagen Aug. 26, 1991 AL Kansas City Royals 7 Chicago White Sox 0 All-Mets battery

Mike Piazza, 2

Ramon Martinez July 14, 1995 NL Los Angeles Dodgers 7 Florida Marlins 0
Hideo Nomo Sept. 17, 1996 NL Los Angeles Dodgers 9 Colorado Rockies 0 All-Mets battery

Alberto Castillo

Jose Jimenez June 25, 1999 NL St. Louis Cardinals 1 Arizona Diamondbacks 0

Eli Marrero

Bud Smith Sept. 3, 2001 NL St. Louis Cardinals 4 San Diego Padres 0

Ramon Castro

Mark Buehrle July 23, 2009 AL Tampa Bay Rays 0 Chicago White Sox 5 Perfect game, Buehrle’s second no-no.

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