Mets Weekly interview and various other catch-ups

Mets Weekly interview

Mets Weekly interview

Just settling in back home after a great trek out to New York/New Jersey that included a trip to Citi Field for Santana and the Mets’ 7-0 shutout of the Colorado Rockies.

Huge thanks to Dave Mackey for posting the game reviews while I was out of cell coverage camping upstate on Romer Mountain in Phoenicia.

Mets Weekly dropped by our seats at Citi last Thursday for an upcoming feature on the site and the Mets’ 47-year-old no no hitters streak. I’m told it might air Saturday or during a subsequent show on SNY. I honestly thought Santana was going to accomplish the impossible that day … at least until a relief pitcher (Josh Fogg) put a “1” in the Rockies “H” column. I can’t remember the last time a relief pitcher killed a no-no.

Citi Field is great and it was nice to drop by and see the old Shea home run apple while touring all the perks the new stadium had to offer. There were no Mets’ home runs that day, but our upper-deck seats were high enough to give us a peak at the top of the new apple in center field.

My sons and I also had a chance to visit the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown which boasts a wall of all of the Major League no-nos. Can’t wait to revisit someday to see Johan, Maine, Pelf, Livan or someone else donning a Mets cap up there.

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