7,965: Jimmy Rollins lead-off single kills no-no, puts Pelfrey in 7th all-time

7,965: That Jimmy Rollins lead-off single killis the #nohitter and thrusts Mike Pelfrey to a tie for 7th all time on no-nos lost on the first at-bat.

Pelfrey is now tied with David Cone and Sid Fernandez on the all-time Mets’ list.

Meanwhile, Rollins moves into a tie with Don Kessinger for 4th on the all-time players who have killed Mets’ no-nos on the first at bat with 31. Pete Rose tops that list with 55.

1 (t) Jerry Koosman 78
1 (t) Tom Seaver 78
3 Dwight Gooden 62
4 Ron Darling 60
5 Bobby Jones 52
6 Jon Matlack 43
7 (t) Mike Pelfrey 41
7 (t) Sid Fernandez 41
7 (t) David Cone 41
10 (t) Al Leiter 39
10 (t) Craig Swan 39
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