No-hitter vs. hit for cycle

Which is more rare, a pitcher throwing a no hitter or a batter hitting for the cycle (a single, double, triple and home run in one game)?

Turns out that throwing a no hitter is slightly rarer than hitting for cycle, at least since a Major League Baseball committee tightened its definition of a no hitter in 1991, knocking 50 of such feats off the record books.

So why have 10 Mets players hit for cycle, yet just one has hurled a no hitter?
Players have had 304 hits for cycle while there have been 284 sanctioned no-hitters thrown in Major League history. The 50 no-nos thrown out the the Committee for Statistical Accuracy either involved games not lasting the full nine innings or games in which the pitcher yielded an extra-inning hit after no-hitting through nine.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of these two rare feats:


Hits for Cycle

Total in history 284 304
Johan Santana, June 1, 2012
Jim Hickman
  Aug. 7, 1963
Tommie Agee
  July 6, 1970
Mike Phillips
  June 25, 1976
Keith Hernandez
  July 4, 1985
Kevin McReynolds
  Aug. 1, 1989
Alex Ochoa
  July 3, 1996
John Olerud
  Sept. 11, 1997
Eric Valent
  July 29, 2004
Jose Reyes
  June 21, 2006
Scott Hairston
  April 27, 2012
San Diego Padres San Diego Padres
Florida Marlins

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