7,328: Victorino leads off game with single, but Mets win in 12

John Maine is the leading vote-getter in our non-scientific poll asking who will break the New York Mets’ no-hitters drought, but that feat didn’t come on Thursday night.

In fact, the first batter made sure of it.

The Philadelphia Phillies’ Shane Victorino hit a single up the middle to boost our NoNoHitters.com count up to 7,328 games without a no hitter.

That made us also update our No hitters killed by first at bat page, as Victorino’s hit marks:

  • 880 potential no hitters killed by a leadoff hit by the Mets’ opponent
  • 664 potential Mets no hitters broken up by a single
  • 411 potential home Mets no hitters broken up by a leadoff hit

Now the good news: Angel Pagan hit a two-out single in the bottom of the 12th to drive in Jose Reyes for a Mets 4-3 walk-off victory.

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