Johan Santana gives up leadoff single, count at 7,330

Johan Santana gave up a leadoff single to the Milwaukee Brewers’ Rickie Weeks Saturday afternoon to immediately boost the count up to 7,330 New York Mets games without a no hitter.

I would love to provide some more detail here, but Fox Sports apparently doesn’t want me to. The Fox network has apparently grabbed exclusive rights to Saturday daytime Major League Baseball games, only to use it this Saturday to broadcast NO game at all at 1 p.m. EDT.

Sure, makes perfect sense. Why would you want to broadcast a game with a guy like Johan Santana on the mound? Our Fox affiliate here is broadcasting TMZ, because I apparently don’t have enough sources of Paris Hilton news.

Funny that no one mentioned Screw You Saturdays when I paid big bucks for the MLB Extra Innings package (plus the extra $50 or so to get the games in HD, which should be expected – not an upcharge). All I get is an over-hyped Yankees-Red Sox game at 3:30 p.m. EDT. No thanks.

Anyway, anti-Fox rant aside, the leadoff hit made us update our No hitters killed by first at bat page, as Weeks’ hit marks:

  • 881 potential no hitters killed by a leadoff hit by the Mets’ opponent
  • 665 potential Mets no hitters broken up by a single
  • 412 potential home Mets no hitters broken up by a leadoff hit
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