Billy Wagner completes nine-part no hitter with Mets 4-3 win

Mets’ closer Billy Wagner has just completed a no hitter. Unfortunately, he’ll get no credit for the accomplishment in the Major League Baseball record books, as it was pitched during nine separate games.

Wagner pitched a no-hit ninth inning for the Mets Saturday to save the game for John Maine, his ninth hitless inning in a row. Wagner has made nine appearances this season, all during Mets wins, and in each he’s pitched one inning giving up no hits (and no earned runs).

Here’s the rundown:

April 26 against Atlanta, Mets win 4-3, save
April 23 against Washington, Mets win 7-2
April 19 against Philadelphia, Mets win 4-2, save
April 18 against Philadelphia, Mets win 6-4, save
April 17 against Washington, Mets win 3-2
April 16 against Washington, Mets win 5-2, save
April 11 against Milwaukee, Mets win 4-2, save
April 10 against Philadelphia, Mets win 4-3
April 2 against Florida, Mets win 13-0

Congrats Billy! With the count at 7,343 and counting, this might be as close as we get to the real thing for a while.

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