Another leadoff single by Young puts count at 7,348, Mets lose 10-4

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chris Young got a leadoff single for the second straight game Saturday afternoon to bump the count to 7,348 New York Mets games without a no hitter.

This one was given up by Mike Pelfrey, and it marks the 885th potential no hitter broken up by a leadoff hit. We’ve updated our No hitters killed by first at bat page to show the 668 games killed by a single and the 472 games killed by an opening hit on the road.

The Diamondbacks beat the Mets 10-4, and Pelfrey took his second loss of the season. He gave up nine hits, five earned runs and four walks over five innings.

The other five runs came from Duaner Sanchez, who in just 1/3 of an inning gave up four hits and a walk while getting charged with five earned runs. Before his appearance, the Mets trailed by only a run.

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