Keppinger single off Perez marks off No. 7,355, Mets win 8-3

Oliver Perez gave up a second-inning single to the Cincinnati Reds’ Jeff Keppinger Sunday to bump the NoNoHitters count to 7,355 games without a New York Mets no hitter.

Perez didn’t give up another hit until the sixth inning, when he allowed the Reds’ only three earned runs of the game. The Mets won 8-3, and Perez – who threw eight strikeouts – earned his third victory of the year.

The Mets had 14 hits on the day, including back-to-back homers by Carlos Beltran and Ryan Church in the fifth.

We also got to see an odd spectacle typically reserved for Little League games. David Ross lined out in the ninth, but he did so in Corey Patterson’s No. 8 position in the lineup. So after some umpire get-togethers, Patterson was ruled out and Ross got a second at-bat (and a single).

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