Mets Trounce Yanks Even With Bad Call

Oliver Perez pitched a season-high 8 2/3 innings as the Mets trounced the Yankees 11-2. Home runs from Church and Reyes and key hits from Alou were among the many sparks from the Mets’ bats. The big buzz of the game came in the top of the fourth inning when Carlos Delgado hit a long homer to left field that bounced off the foul pole. The third base umpire originally called it fair but the call was changed to a foul after the home plate umpire overruled. The countless replays showed it was fair (as well as a nick in the tape on the pole and a scuff on the ball that the fan recovered — can you say shoe polish?). Delgado came back with an RBI single but I spent the rest of the game adding 2 runs to the score. The No Hitter was broken up in the bottom of the 4th with a single to center by Derek Jeter.

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