7,434: Wright’s walkoff homer saves blown save, Mets win 5-3

If Johan Santana wants to get more wins for the New York Mets, he’s apparently going to have to pitch nine innings.

Reliever Scott Schoenweis gave up a one-out ninth-inning homer to the San Diego Padres Jody Gerut (who’s been quite the Mets killer this series) to tie the game at 3 and erase Santana’s chance for a win. The Mets then brought in Aaron Heilman – who’s made giving up homers a habit this season – and he retired the next two batters.

But no worry. David Wright hit a clutch two-run homer to left in the bottom of the ninth to give the Mets a 5-3 win, which is credited in the books to Heilman.

The Mets no-hitter was again killed by the long-ball, but this time it didn’t come until the second inning when Santana gave up a homer to left to Chase Headley. That bumped our NoNoHitters.com count to 7,434 games without a no-hitter.

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