Newspaper article lets us catch up with Craig Swan

My Craig Swan baseball cardIt’s always nice to catch up with Mets from my childhood, so it was fun stumbling upon this Greenwich (Ct.) Time article today on Craig Swan.

It’s not a baseball story. The article talks about Swan and his wife adopting a pooch from the local animal shelter and purchasing a dog-powered scooter to get her the exercise she needs.

But it got me thinking about how close Swan came to pitching the Mets’ first no-hitter. Swan, who pitched for the Mets from 1973 through 1984, had as good a chance as any to accomplish the feat. He had his best year in 1978, posting a 9-6 record with a league leading 2.43 ERA.

The blog Faith and Fear in Flushing writes about a 1982 Mets-Phillies game in which Swan took a no-no into the sixth until it was broken up by the legendary Pete Rose. Not bad, but it makes me wonder if had Rose stayed with the Reds, would this Web site not even exist?

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