Last bit of Shea turned to rubble

There it goes. Demolition crews took down Shea Stadium’s Section 5 ramp Wednesday morning, turning the last bit of the Mets’ home since 1964 into a pile of rubble.

It’s hard not to get a bit vaklempt seeing the last bit fall. This was where I saw my first baseball game with my dad in ’75. This was the field across which I carried several placards during Banner Day doubleheaders (a ’70s and ’80s tradition to help get us fans through the lean years). This was where Orosco threw his glove in the air in ’86 to finally (at least temporarily) make me feel like I was above all the Yankee fans I grew up arguing with.

It was nice to see Shea one more time last year, and I hope my sons and I will make the trek to visit its its replacement soon. Goodbye to an old friend.

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