When will we see the new home run apple?

Old Home Run AppleWell, we just completed two exhibition games at Citi Field and we still don’t know what the new home run apple looks like.

The Boston Red Sox tagged Oliver Perez for 6 first-inning runs Saturday to top the Mets 9-3 in the final warm-up to Monday’s Opening Day match-up in Cincinnati. Boston’s Jed Lowrie managed to clear the fence with a grand slam, but opposition homers don’t yield fruit so I guess we’ll have to wait until April 13 to see the new apple.

Jeremy Reed came closest to hitting the first Mets home run at the park with with a deep fly to right, but the ball took an odd carom off the “Modells” sign and Reed was able to hustle out a triple. The odd dimensions and differing surfaces in right are sure to give outfielders some trouble until they learn to adjust.

MLB Network carried the game, giving us out-of-area folks our first glimpse at the new fancy digs. The place looks beautiful, and I hope to get there soon, maybe for a no-hitter.

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