7,497 …. 7,498 …. 7,499 … ah ha ha

The CountLike watching a car’s odometer turn over to reach the 100,000 mark, we can’t help keeping an eye on our counter today.

Our NoNoHitters.com count sits right now at 7,499, so regardless of how Oliver Perez performs at Citi Field we’ll be celebrating a historic milestone.

The Mets, which began play in 1962, are one of four teams that have never thrown a no-no. The others are the San Diego Padres, the Colorodo Rockies and the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Padres’ no no-no streak dates back to 1969, and until today we’ve never taken the time to calculate their count. We’ll let a Padres fan decide whether to take on the burden of a dedicated Web site, but for the record the Padres’ count through Saturday is 6,372 games without a no-hitter.

The Rockies’ count is at 2,546 games and the Rays’ count sits at 1,797 games.

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