Erickson added to ‘No-hitters before they were Mets’

We have a new addition to our No-hitters thrown before they came to the Mets page, though the accomplishment happened 15 years ago.

An oversight had omitted Scott Erickson, who threw a no-no as a Minnesota Twin on April 27, 1994, during a 6-0 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.

We had forgotten that Erickson in 2004 made two starts for the Mets, and the oversight is not entirely surprising considering that preseason injuries kept him from ever taking his spot in the starting rotation. (Thanks to Jim for outpointing.)

Erickson finally took the mound for the Mets in July 2004 but went 0-2 with a 7.88 ERA in his only two starts. That prompted the club to deal him to the Texas Rangers on July 31, 2004 for player-to-be-named-later Josh Hoffpauir.

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