The A’s Dallas Braden just threw perfect game

The A’s Dallas Braden just threw a perfect game against the Rays.

Can’t the Mets get a simple no-hitter already?

There have been only 19 perfect games in Major League history, and the A’s have two of them.

There have been 265 no-hitters (242 in the National League and American League), and the Mets have none of them.

The last Oakland no-hitter came on June 29, 1990, when Dave Stewart threw a 5-0 no-hit shutout against the Toronto Blue Jays. That same day, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Fernando Valenzuela no-hit the St. Louis Cardinals 6-0 for only the second time in history that no-nos were thrown on the same day.

Oakland’s earlier perfect game was on May 18, 1968, when Jim “Catfish” Hunter went 27-up, 27-down against the Minnesota Twins for a 4-0 victory.

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