Ryan kicked off the original year of the no-no

Ryan's circle of no-no hats in the Hall.

Ryan's circle of no-no hats in the Hall.

As Nolan Ryan prepares to watch the team he owns play in its first World Series, he can reminisce back to 1991 when he kicked off what still reigns as the Year of the No-hitter.

Sure, 2010 has been dubbed the Year of the Pitcher and featured six no-nos, but 1991 still holds the record with seven no-hitters, with the first coming from Ryan.

Ryan on May 1, 1991 already had six no-nos under his belt when he threw his seventh and final no hitter, setting a Major League record that will be near impossible to break. He was throwing that day for the Texas Rangers, and we all no that none of Ryan’s seven no-nos came as a Met.

Here’s the full list of 1991 no-hitters:

Nolan Ryan May 1, 1991 AL Texas Rangers 3 Toronto Blue Jays 0

Tommy Greene May 23, 1991 NL Philadelphia Phillies 2 Montreal Expos 0

Bob Milacki (6 in)
Mike Flanagan (1 in)
Mark Williamson (1 in)
Gregg Olson (1 in)
July 13, 1991 AL Baltimore Orioles 2 Oakland Athletics 0

Dennis Martinez July 28, 1991 NL Montreal Expos 2 Los Angeles Dodgers 0
Perfect game.

Wilson Alvarez Aug. 11, 1991 AL Chicago White Sox 7 Baltimore Orioles 0
Second Major League start.

Bret Saberhagen Aug. 26, 1991 AL Kansas City Royals 7 Chicago White Sox 0

Kent Mercker (6 in)
Mark Wohlers (2 in)
Alejandro Pena (1 in)
Sept. 11, 1991 NL Atlanta Braves 1 San Diego Padres 0

Ubaldo Jimenez kicked off the 2010 run, and we’d be in a dead heat with 1991 (seven each) if a blown call had not negated what should have been a perfect game by the Detroit Tigers’ Armando Galarraga with two outs in the ninth inning.
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Worse yet, two teams exited the no no-nos club in 2010, the Colorado Rockies and the Tampa Bay Rays, leaving just the New York Mets and the San Diego Padres to toil in infamy.

Here’s the list of 2010 no-nos:

Ubaldo Jimenez April 17, 2010 NL Atlanta Braves 0 Colorado Rockies 4
The Rockies’ first no-no.

Dallas Braden May 9, 2010 AL Tampa Bay Rays 0 Oakland A’s 4
Perfect game.

Roy Halliday May 29, 2010 NL Philadelphia Phillies 1 Florida Marlins 0
Perfect game.

Edwin Jackson June 25, 2010 IL Arizona Diamondbacks 1 Tampa Bay Rays 0

Matt Garza July 26, 2010 AL Detroit Tigers 0 Tampa Bay Rays 5
First no-no for Rays.

Roy Halliday Oct. 6, 2010 NLDS Cincinnati Reds 0 Philadelphia Phillies 4
The second postseason no-hitter in MLB history.

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