Where was Dr. Joyce Brothers in MLB Network’s Costas-Michaels pairing?

Brothers, Enberg and Allen.

Mets fans used to hearing their games called by Gary, Keith and Ron were thrown for a loop mid-game Friday night when longtime broadcasters Al Michales and Bob Costas jumped over to SNY from the MLB Network for a while.

The MLB Network broadcast was a reunion of sorts, as Costas and Michaels hadn’t called a baseball together since the 1995 World Series.

But did the pairing of the two mark the most star-studded broadcast booth of all time?

No. Far from it.

That honor was achieved during a 1988 fictional match-up between the California Angels and the Seattle Mariners during the Leslie Nielsen police comedy, “The Naked Gun.”

Calling that game at Dodger Stadium were Curt Gowdy, Jim Palmer, Tim McCarver, Dick Vitale, Mel Allen, Dick Enberg and … of course … Dr. Joyce Brothers.

“How about that?”

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